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Old 03-23-2012, 03:04 PM
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Default ME3 ending anyone?

Hi there I'm a IT student from Gdansk Poland and I would like to know more about what the ME3 ending controversy is all about (I'm sorry about quality of my writing English is not my first language).

I like all ME3 games and I want to buy ME3 soon but I stumbled upon that entire controversy with the game ending and fans yelling at bio-ware to change their game.

Sounds ridiculous right?

Well I decided to gather more data and look at the problem from an objective side looking at both sides of the argument. Mind you I did not play the game yet and all this is what I gathered from reading blogs journals and watching vids online on that topic.


First lets look at how things look from the developer side of things and people that support Bio-Ware.

It is easy to look at a developer like an artist. They produce content and consumer buys it rewarding that artist for their work. If you look at ME3 ending problem from that point of view you'll see why developers feel insulted by fans that tell them to change something they worked really hard on. Not only that but if Bio-Ware gives in to that demand they will have to work (and pump in more money) into a patch or DLC to fix this and will face another outburst of rage when they tell consumers to pay for that to compensate for their work. So someone will have to make a decision either take a hit to company pocket and relise that Ending DLC for free or take a hit to PR and relise it as payed DLC. That is a very shitty situation for fans to put their favorite developer into not to mention the disrespect for the work and selfishness of fans.

Another argument is that you can't just go to an artist and say "hey I don't like how your story ended here I wrote a fan-fic that changes your story so it pleases me" it's just whole new level of selfishness and flat out childish behavior. of course any self respecting artist will not give in to that. it would mean giving up on being a human and becoming an object to be used as fans want.

But when you analyze arguments from fans a different picture comes out.

What is a fan? Fan is a person who adores someone eases work. Right? Fans loves Bio-Ware and their game. If so why they attack that developer so much?

You see, fans love Bio-Ware, and they love games Bio-Ware produces. Fans are so vocal because they care. They want ending changed, because they know Bio-Ware can do better then to give them a shitty ending. You see fans do not want krogans to bake them a cake at the end of the story. Far from it actually. They do not care about "content" of the ending, but the "delivery" of that ending and here I would like you to notice that in my post I never used word "endings" why because it is one ending with different filters, that your final choice comes down to. If I remember correctly fans were promised something else. Right? So the frustration that fans feel is from that point of view justified. Fans did not get what they were promised to get. Which is that ultra diverse set of endings depending on all the choices they made up to that point since first game and therefor feel betrayed because they got only ONE ending with custom colors of explosions that renders all their time that they put into that game meaningless. To top it off delivery of that ending boils down to “pick a door number 1 2 or 3”. Imagine if the same thing happened in ME2. You go through Omega relay and after gathering resources to upgrade Normandy and doing all loyalty missions as soon as you go through the relay game stops and asks you “where do you want to go left right or center?” after which decision game enters a cut-scene depicting what happens after that choice and then game ends, and the best part is that no matter what you choose cut-scene is always the same!
That is why fans are so emotional about this. They are intelligent people and if you would do that 1 2 3 ending with previous games it would not be such a surprise to fans now and no one would have made much of a fuss about it. That is the problem Bio-Ware showed players that they can make a good ending that works in all the decisions player did up until that point and now they give players an ending that provokes a reaction “one of these things is not like the other” if you know what I mean.

Well imagine you go to a 5star restaurant and order lunch. You have to pay up front because that is policy of this restaurant.

You get wonderful food that tastes and looks wonderful. At the end of your meal you get a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a cockroach on top for dessert. Your first reaction is “WTF?!” Right? you call the waiter and ask him “What is this? There's a bug in my ice cream!”
and waiter replies "Well yes sir. It is a south African roach marinated in cherry and bourbon souse and then baked in honey" You don't really care about that do you? You see one big ugly bug in your ice cream and you say "You know what I didn't expect that and I do not want to eat that food, no matter how good you tell me it is. Take it back to the kitchen and bring me normal ice cream with a cherry on top" waiter takes your bowl of ice-cream, then chef comes and yells at you "YOU TASTELESS BRAT! HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY WORK! I spent 3 days preparing this roach to make it perfect! And I spent my best and most expencive bourbon on it!"

This is the situation we are now, and arguments from both sides as I see them. Both sides have legitimate concerns and both have their feelings on the line.

PS.As I stated before my English is not my fist language and I am not a journalist so please forgive my writing and post below argument that you think I missed in all this. And please do not post comments about day1 DLC here I would like this topic to be strictly about your feelings towards bio-ware on ME3 ending and arguments supporting bio-ware and/or fans. (yes I know there is no such thing as true objectivity but we can at least try ^_^)
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