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Old 03-28-2012, 02:02 PM
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Default The Perfect Tablet For kids!

Sent this to Tekzilla awhile ago but didn’t hear from them but I think you guys may also be interested with this.

I remember Stephanie Chu doing an episode about using tablets with kids, regarding the kindle fire..well I had a similar dilema

My sister has entrusted me to decide what kind of computer would be best for my young growing nephew to start out on, he is 4 years old.
In the past I’ve heard Patrick mention he got his son an iPad and I thought to myself that may be overkill for my nephew as he cannot even read properly yet. So I decided to look for something a little more catered for his age…then voila I thought I found the perfect solution.

Vtech & Leapfrog had both seemed to have two tablets targeted at kids. After some more investigation the Leapfrog’s Leappad Explorer seemed to be the better choice. Now two moths after purchasing the Leappad I am sad to say leapfrog totally dropped the ball in many areas starting with its crappy PC software UI, Ridiculously expensive and overpriced apps and last but not least its dreadful battery life (not to mention it does not ship with a charger!).

I first thought an iPod touch would be a reasonable alternative but the small screen size just seemed to hinder his experience when I tested him with one of my older 3G iTouches.

So after all that we decided the iPad was the way to go after all, I promptly sold the Leappad on eBay and decided to take the dive into IOS and look for ways to make the iPad more applicable for my nephew.

I recently bought myself the new iPad 3G and gave my nephew my old iPad 2

Then after some research i I found this great website I wanna share with the TZ & AJ audience

I have already purchased the “Pre school Classroom app” for pennies and it is just as interactive and educational as the Leappad offerings. The thing I like most about this site is that it is constantly having competitions for discounts on the suggested apps and they take user reviews and recommendations on new apps which have a solid focus on educational skills!

So in conclusion an iPad may seem like a big price tag but since it is so versatile and adaptable with growing educational support it seems like the perfect (albeit expensive) investment for your kids.

I would like feedback from anybody in their experiences with tech for it here!

Many Thanks

J. James (Tech Gunslinger) - London
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