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Old 04-27-2012, 08:27 AM
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Default Planning for future entertainment center...

Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice from folks who have setup/installed a home entertainment center. Here's my situation:

I'm currently in the early stages of finishing my basement - and I'm doing the work myself (along with help from more experienced family and friends), both for the cost savings and for the skill I'll pick up doing it.

My question basically is: What can I do now to make TV mounting, cable/speaker setup, etc, easier once I get to that point?

I have two specific questions, but would be happy for any other suggestions:

1) Do I need to frame the walls differently where I'm planning to mount a 40" TV? (maybe larger someday?). Right now I'm planning on just 2x4 studs every 16", but I'm willing to add more if it would simplify my mounting work later. I can't find much helpful information about this, and given that this project will take awhile, I haven't picked out a specific mount. I could throw and extra stud or two in around the area I'm planning to put the TV, but I don't want to add complexity to the wiring when I get to that point.

2) What wiring should I run to the TV? I'd like to put in a media server in the house at some point, but I'm not sure what cable it makes sense to run through the walls. There's a box in the future utility room some 30-40ft away that houses the incoming cable, along with the wired network router, so I'll be running coaxial and internet to the TV/entertainment center from there. I'll also want to run some kind of audio cable from the TV for surround sound to various points around the room. Does it make sense to run anything else? I'd rather have everything in place now than try to run it after the walls and ceiling are dry-walled.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions or resources you can point me to -- Thanks!
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