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Old 03-08-2013, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by robstarwind View Post
It would be awesome to see how you can adapt a Roland TD-6v/TD-20 electronic drum set to use on any console (360/PS3) on game such as Rock Band/Guitar Hero. I know it's been done but wondering if you can get it to work on both consoles with the same adapter as I hear each one has it's own specific requirements.
I think that'd basically fall into getting a controller to work on either system...I know they make adapters that let you do that (I have one) but since they can be either pricey or difficult to track down, I'd like to see that as well.
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Old 05-09-2013, 06:51 PM
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Default A/V Auto Sensing switch

It would be awesome if made a modular component/s-video "auto-sensing switch" using a Samsung KA2192 or another similar ic.

switches are so expensive so the ability to have all my video game inputs on one auto-sensing and manual switch self made box would be amazing. I am attempting to work on this very project but if I could only see the master at work :-)

and the modular part would come in where it would allow you to plug in another module which would be like adding another input to the device up to x amount.

adding the ability to plugin hdmi, composite, VGA or DVI inputs which go to their respective outputs would be a plus.

or to add more complexities all outputs will upconvert to anything "better" than itself, so composite will be output on composite, component and HDMI, HDMI will only be output on HDMI, component will be output on component and HDMI...and so forth.

and for the last complexity is always on devices (that constantly send signals) each module should have a switch to designate always on devices so they can be lowest priority when it comes to switching.

Well that is as detailed as I could ever hope to be with my dream switch which will most likely never exist. :-)

Thanks for reading.
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