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Old 10-21-2006, 08:04 AM
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Default iTunes Suggestions

Whether you love or hate iTunes, you will agree that it needs improvement in a number of areas. What are some of your suggestions for iTunes? Please post them here, and I'll add them to this list.
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Old 10-21-2006, 09:57 AM
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blog spam = bad. if you want to post it here for a thread, then post it here for the thread.....

1. Coverflow Support for the iPod when connected to iTunes.

2. Get Album Artwork support for iPod when connected to iTunes.

3. More visualisers or visualiser plugins

4. Multi-user support. When logged in as another user on a computer, give them their own library, or give them choice of otherís libraries. Libraries should be password-protected if the user wants.

5. One big library again

6. Currently iTunes 7 has a bug which prevents you from dragging songs straight to the Music section of the iPod. You have to drag songs to the iPod icon instead. Just a minor annoyance Iíd like to see changed.

7. Visualiser in main screen, like coverflow.

8. Users of the iTunes music store should be able to get ratings for their music based upon reviews of that artist.

9. A Pandora-like interface which, based on the amount of plays of songs, will give you a playlist of iTunes music store songs that fit your music tastes.

10. Select a large number of songs, and drag one image file into the album art box to apply it to all of them.

11. Continue making iTunes faster. I donít want extra bloat unless you can either keep iTunes the same speed, or make it faster.

11. There should be an iTunes lite version, which removes some of the goodies like coverflow and uses less memory.

12. Compatability with some of the more obscure music file formats, such as .ogg and .flac, which are brilliant, although they donít play in iTunes.

13. Figure out and fix the problem burnt CDs have playing on older CD players. They do play if you skip to the second track and put it on random, but not from scratch. Iím guessing that this is a software problem, not one related to the CDs themselves, as iTunes used to burn CDs quite well.

14. When dragging songs from playlist to playlist, scroll the left-hand side window if your dragging cursor is in the bottom section of the screen, indicating that you want to scroll down. You cannot currently do this in itunes 7.

15. Donít allow to copy directly from the iPod to a library or other iPod (although I would like it to be possible!), but allow one to burn from the iPod to CD. Itís fair enough Ė itís called Fair Use.
Mark purchased songs
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Old 10-21-2006, 10:03 AM
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1, 2.

They assume your iPod mirrors your iTunes Library so there would be no need...that is there assumption at least


if you are on a mac, option + clicking iTunes in the Dock gives you access to multiple libraies....not sure how they do it in Windows...maybe be somewhat the same


go into the store, there is a function like that. it learns what you like as you go through it. The mini store in the main window (if you turn it on) does so as well


bring up the Info for a group of songs, it'll apply it to all.


there is an ogg plugin for quicktime, which will in turn give iTunes ogg support

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