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Old 11-26-2007, 06:26 PM
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Default The List of Known Worlds in DC's Multiverse



The end of DC?s 52 series left the DC Universe a multiverse again. Thanks to the flapping of a butterfly?s wings (or something like it) the single DC Universe left after Crisis on Infinite Earths and fractured slightly in Infinite Crisis was once again split into many. Well, not exactly ?many? - exactly 52. Previously numbering in the hundreds (and added to whenever a Silver Age writer needed a new one, generally speaking), the multiverse of DC has been winnowed down to a more manageable number.

But what are they for sure? DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio has said that a full list resides in his office, or at least as full as list as possible, as not all of the universes have been named or described, and as DiDio has said, he and the rest of DC Editorial are slow to name them all, but rather slowly explore the worlds in Countdown to Final Crisis, its associated spinoffs, and later projects.

So ? what are they? DC Comics has provided Newsarama with the current listing of the earths that currently make up the DC Multiverse. ?First appearance? means first appearance post-creation in 52 #52. And yes, many of the worlds are very familiar to previous, Pre-Crisis multiple earths, or Elseworlds stories, but DC has maintained that these worlds are not perfect recreations of those worlds. These are new worlds that share the same characteristics.

The known earths are:

Earth-2: Home of the original Justice Society (first appearance 52 #52 - this earth?s Superman and Power Girl are missing)
Earth-3: The Crime Society?s world (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-4: Home of the Charlton characters (a.k.a. ? the Watchmen-esque world) (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-5: Home of the Fawcett (Shazam) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-8: World of Lord Havok and the Extremists ? called Angor by its natives (Countdown #29)
Earth-9: Tangent Universe (upcoming in Tangent: Superman?s Reign #1)
Earth-10: Home of the Quality (Freedom Fighters, Uncle Sam, the original Ray, etc) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-11: World of reversed genders ( Arena #1 and The Search For Ray
Palmer: Superwoman/ Batwoman #1)
Earth-12: The Next Generation, beyond Batman (i.e., Batman Beyond?) (Arena #1)
Earth-13: World of dark and arcane heroes ( Arena #1)
Earth-15: World of heroes realized (Donna Troy as Wonder Woman; Jason Todd as Batman) (Countdown #30 - the earth of this universe was destroyed in Countdown #24)
Earth-16: Home of the Super-Sons ( Arena #1)
Earth-17: A post WWIII, apocalyptic universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-18: World of the Elseworld?s Justice Riders ( Arena #1)
Earth-19: World of Elseworld?s Gotham by Gaslight (The Search For Ray
Palmer: Gotham By Gaslight #1)
Earth-21: World of Elseworld?s New Frontier ( Arena #1)
Earth-22: Elseworld?s Kingdom Come Universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-26: Universe of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew (Captain Carrot
And The Final Ark #1)
Earth-30: World of Elseworld?s Superman: Red Son (Countdown #32)
Earth-32: World of Elseworld?s Batman: Darkest Knight (Arena #1)
Earth-34: World of Elseworld?s Amazonia ( Arena #1)
Earth-37: World of Elseworld?s Thrillkiller ( Arena #1)
Earth-40: World of Elseworld?s Liberty Files ( Arena #1)
Earth-43: World of Elseworld?s Batman: Red Rain (The Search For Ray Palmer:
Red Rain #1)
Earth-48: Forerunner?s world (Countdown #46)
Earth-50: Wildstorm Universe (first seen 52 #52)

To date, it?s unclear as to what the difference between ?Earth-1? and ?New Earth? is, as Rip Hunter mentioned in 52 #52 that were separate realities. Also, the world of the Atomic Knights (classic Silver Age) was shown to be Earth-17 in the same issue.

Oh, and Earth-31? It?s shown in the preview to Arena #1.

Okay ? so what?s not been listed yet? A few that caught our eye?

Vertigo. Yeah, yeah ? it?s not part of the DC Universe proper. That line?s been used at cons by DC staffers, and you know what? Forget it. It is. It may be Earth-13, but come on?let?s see that as official.

Over in Action Comics, there?s a Legion of Super-Heroes running around that?s a continuation of the original, Adventure Comics #247 Legion. If the Legion that Supergirl is currently hanging with is the future of ?New Earth,? where is this other Legion from? Sure, there will be claims of an alternate timeline within the ?New Earth? Universe, but then we have to call in the theoretical physicists (or Grant Morrison) to tell us the difference between an alternate timeline contained within a universe and a wholly ?different universe? that was created by Mr. Mind altering time over and over again to create new universes.

And hey ? as this list is very reliant on DC?s Elseworlds stories over the years to build entire universes on, where?s the All-Star universe, and the Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again universe (although that might be Earth-31, given Superman?s haircut?)?

Is there an America?s Best Comics universe?

The Amalgam universe?


Which future is Kamadi a part of? Lady Quark? Dark Angel?

Is there a new Earth-Prime, where DC superheroes only exist as comic book stories?

Superman & Batman: Generations? JLA: The Nail?

And jillions more.

So many questions ? 52 answers.

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Old 11-26-2007, 06:32 PM
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I like the Officialness of this news. Been using the Wiki for months now and even they admit to being unsure which Earth is which.\

edit: Also I don't understand the compulsion to make Vertigo part of the DCU.

Let Vertigo be it's own thing for creators to tell stories they want with out any of this continuity. Let it go already. Sheesh.
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Old 11-26-2007, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Labor_Days View Post
I like the Officialness of this news. Been using the Wiki for months now and even they admit to being unsure which Earth is which.\

edit: Also I don't understand the compulsion to make Vertigo part of the DCU.

Let Vertigo be it's own thing for creators to tell stories they want with out any of this continuity. Let it go already. Sheesh.
Agreed. If Flash shows up in Ex Machina I'd be pissed, just the same as if Jack of Fables showed up in DMZ. The majority of them deserve their owns universes.
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