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Old 03-20-2008, 11:24 PM
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Default Jessica et al.- Get revenge on Airborne!

First off, love the show, each of you bring such unique and insightful info, and yet keep it lively and fun. Kudos to you all.

Jessica, you mentioned in the outtakes how a Airborne packet injured your oral cavity... you must check out
Basically, they had bogus claims and a bogus clinic producing bogus results!

Need proof? wikipeidia entry
Get your money back from these seedy snake-oil sellers!!! Even if you don't have receipts, they will/must reimburse you.

As a Molecular Toxicology graduate student here in Berkeley, I personally cant stand bad science and sweet people like you being swindled, and suggest the above remedy.

As a fellow geek, I cant stand a product hurting you physically as well, may I suggest the time-tested "kiss-it-and-make-it-better" remedy.*

*(may cause creepy internet stalker shivers, see your toxicologist for details)
Old 03-21-2008, 09:39 PM
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Default I heard

I heard!!! Crazy. As long as the stuff isn't poisonous, I am cool.
I will just eat the $10 and save myself the hassle.
Thanks for the heads up.

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