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Old 09-17-2010, 07:28 PM
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Default 47" LED HDTV Suggestions?

Posted this over at but no responses yet... figured I'd try asking here as well.

1. Budget - $1200 is comfortable. Will max out to $1400 possibly if offer is right as I'll be keeping this for at long time. Had my 36" CRT since '99. Suffered long enough.

2. Seating distance - 8 feet

3. Size/placement limitations - looking at 46" or 47" inch. Normally would want larger, but this is the max size for my living room.

4. Uses and sources
- broadcast over cable - will be upgrading to HD service and still deciding between Cox cable DVR or Tivo Premiere w/ cablecard

- video streaming from home server via Xbox-WMC7-MyMovies plugin (standard DVD and Blu-ray)

- gaming - Xbox - I've read much about lag and gaming and I'm not sure how much to worry about it. Never noticed it when testing games at Best Buy on whatever flat screen they were using, but maybe they were plasma. I mainly do sports gaming (Madden, NBA 2K) and a little FPS. Originally, I was leaning toward Samsung, but everyone says its horrible for gaming.

5. Room lighting

Mainly watching in near dark or maybe one lamp off to the side. Have one large living room window but we have full blinds to pull down.

Also torn on all the whole CCFL/LED Edgelit/LED Backlit. Geek in me says get latest and greatest with backlit but I'm not sure. Same goes for 3D.
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