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Old 10-05-2010, 01:48 AM
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Default best use of ssd for games

so i have an 80gb ssd and a 500gb regular hard drive, and im wondering what the smartest setup for data storage would be. Right now i have win7, photoshop and illustrator, and up to three games installed on the 80gb. At one point i had empire total war, plus wow, and that ate up around 90-95% of the 80gb ssd.

Right now, it seems like i can only really have two games installed at any one time. I am basically installing games, then cut/pasting the folder onto the old 500gb drive when im not playing that game actively.

Basically im doing alot of juggling trying to adjust to a much smaller drive. Im wondering if theres any tips anyone has out there. Maybe i shouldnt have installed windows onto the ssd?
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Old 10-05-2010, 02:53 AM
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Installing windows on there will be beneficial for loading the stuff in the OS the game needs. However, the majority of the stuff the game needs will be installed with the game. I personally find 80GB to be way too small even just for games (some games are like 10GB, and WoW's patching system is really bad to unnecessarily taking up space).

I used to have 2 40GB WD raptors in RAID 0. Since then, I switched to four 80GB 7200RPM 8MB cache drives in RAID 0. Even though each drive would eassily by out performed by a raptor, together they seem to perform better than the two raptors and offer loads more space. I am aware that RAID 0 is the RAID of death, but I'm not scared, it's just games on there.

I have windows on a 250GB drive that is not part of the RAID.

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Old 10-05-2010, 03:52 AM
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No, if anything's going to be on the one ssd, it's Windows. It's a law. Right now, I plan on letting Win 7 have my entire Vertex 2 60gb. When I get the PC games I want to play, I either get a whole-nother ssd just for them, or they get kicked to the caviar drive and my mushkin sticks will just have to deal with it. There's also concern about filling up an ssd and whether or not it really drops performance. It doesn't seem like anybody's willing to try it yet, but it seems as though it can be true if TRIM isn't enabled or you get a shoddy controller.
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Old 10-08-2010, 02:02 PM
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You might want to put your flavour of the month on there and remove it after but don't bother putting WoW on because it gets to be absolutely colossal and the only advantage is that the loading bar is slightly faster. I don't care what was said on TZ about SSD in games, it's all about the loading bar.

If a game annoys you with a lot of loading bars every few minutes (there are poorly some designed games like that) you might want to try putting it on the SSD just to minimise the problem but other than that just put your games on the mechanical drive.

Keep the SSD for Windows and any other programs that you use frequently, particularly if they also have loading bars (photoshop, etc) I remember when Eclipse used to take about a minute to load on one of my old machines and it was very annoying.

You may also want to consider moving certain user directories to your mechanical drive. For example, keeping "Desktop" on the SSD while moving "My Documents" or "My Videos" to the hard drive. Videos take a lot of space but don't need a lot of read performance to play smoothly. (unless they are things like BD rips, which you wouldn't be putting on such a small drive anyway)

Because I use the bigger hard drive for generally storing large files such as videos, I set the NTFS cluster size ("allocation unit size") to 64k when partitioning it. This is better for fewer large files but worse for many small files. Modern games tend to have a few large resource files (e.g. WoW's "mpq" files), although I do have one game that is only 350mb but almost 6000 files. Additionally, defragment this hard drive for better performance.

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Old 10-09-2010, 08:48 AM
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What wow does is keeps the patches on the harddrive after installing them and the can be a good 600 megs a peice. so i would go through and delete those first to get back some room. as for the games them selves I have no experice with widnows 7 and ssd so i cant really comment there but with the games ive tried ive got no problem running them off a standard hdd.
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