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Old 01-12-2011, 02:47 PM
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Default Wich one?

Hi, I'm a software Engineer student and well I really want to make the right decision on this one. Which computer (laptop) should I get. I'm the kind of person how bring his laptop everywhere, even so I do work a lot on them and always look to have the most power I can achieve in one. Most of the time I normaly game on my free time, program(right now for microsoft windows, looking forward for other things) and I'm thinking of starting to record some music from my guitar and stuff like that.

So I want to know which computer should i pick... Macbook Pro( i love the operating system) or any other laptop that is not a mac(plz recomend me one if thats the case). Ty

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Old 01-12-2011, 03:41 PM
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Are you an existing student or going into a college program?
Many colleges prefer students run a standardized set of software for their courses - for example ms visio, which does not have a Mac version, and ms access as an introductory database, visual studio as a programming environment, etc. You could install bootcamp/vmware/parallels but if most of your time is spent in windows applications then it's kinda pointless having OSX. The open source folks will tell you there are OSX and Linux squids of each program and they are better, but reality is you are there to learn. If you spend so much time battling to find equivalent tools to support the learning, then you lose focus on the fact you are there to learn software engineering.

Bottom line - save yourself grief while at college, and get a system that run the same software you use in your labs. TAs and lab supervisors can answer questions on those systems easier than a set of equivalent apps that you are using on a different platform.

If you are into the latest and greatest games (beyond WoW) then OSX will disappoint you.

Fwiw - I am a software engineer. Have been for 20yrs. My wife is a college prof teaching cs classes. I use a MacBook at home ... and love it ... but I only do iOS development at home now. My work machine is a Dell E6500 with W7 and VS 2008 (upgrading to 2010 later today).
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