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Old 07-20-2011, 01:01 AM
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Unhappy Android apps that compartmentalize videos/mp3 like an iPod Touch

I have a new Samsung Galaxy S2 and it is the first time Iíve had a smart phone. I had been using a iPod Touch for my media consumption.

Iím a teacher for ESL students and I liked how I can keep all my audio related to English books separate from MY audio books and separate from MY music.

Likewise, if I had a podcast video, videos Iíve downloaded from Youtube for use in my classes, or a side-loaded video from my PC, they didnít get jumbled in together.

On my Galaxy S2 Iím very frustrated that the videos the camera takes, the YouTube videos, podcasts and just side loaded videos get all mixed together. The same thing happens to my music. The mp3s from my studentís books get mixed into my music selections.

Iíve found MortPlayer Audio app to help with my audiobooks and for the most part the studentís books. But under the general audio player all those same mp3 show up so I canít just Ďlisten to musicí. Iím actually still using the iPod touch for music and podcasts.

Any help on how to separate these different media types into a similar manner as on the iPod. I donít mind using separate apps for the different purposes. I know Android isnít an iOS so things work differently but holycowÖ.. THANKSÖ
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Old 08-18-2011, 01:58 PM
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Default Hey

Did you try "Double Twist" yet? It comes with a desktop client (mac or pc). You can then manage your playlists, create new ones (audiobooks, rock, hip hip, etc...). It also air syncs with your phone, meaning, you don't have to plug any cables to sync your music or audiobooks with your Galaxy phone. This method worked great for me, until Google Music came around, but I think Google Music is still in "invite only".

Hope this helps
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