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Old 03-05-2012, 02:55 PM
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Default Realm of the Mad God - Free2Play Steam

OK I really fund this game fun. I will try and talk about the basic game and how it works and also some general tips to have fun.

The game ... Retro 8-bit looking throwback game, but its a free MMO game. It has some flavors of RPG but its really built I think on Action MMO.

You get several classes. You start off with only 1 class the wizard, and when you wizard reaches level 5, you then unlock the priest class. you unlock the main classes in a progression hitting level 5 with each new class. The next tier of classes like Paladin or Necromancer require you to reach level 20. Does not sound like much .. but it can be hard!

Now there is no money per say, you do not get gold, you get FAME.

Fame i do not know much about since I am fairly new to the game (i unlocked the assassin class and working on Necromacer) but when you DO DIE there is a FAME ladder you get put on, like a call back to the arcade.

You can spend real money on the game to buy "realm gold". Realm gold is like more character slots so you can have more than 1 class active or 1 character. I will explain this a little later. or Say more chests to hold loot in your personal vault.

OK its a single account login, and All of your "Characters" are you. So regardless of what class you pick, its your name that comes up. Makes social aspect a lot easier, I really really wish WOW/SWTOR did this.
So basically "You" are the character, but you can choose what class you want to play. Each character/Class slot has its own "bag" for gear, but you communally share your vault with all your characters.

OK, so this is basically a topdown shooter akin to the WADS move and mouse shoots in that direction. Most commonly referred to as the Smash TV or Robotron move/shoot method.

Gear/Inventory .. You get a slot for 1 weapon, secondary attack, 1 Armor and 2 ring. You get 8 bag slots for gear or heal/mana pots.

Basic stats are HP/Mana

Attributes are Attack (Dmg), Defense (Dmg taken), Speed (movement speed), Dex (Attack Speed), Vitality (HP regen rate), Wisdom (Mana regen rate)

As you level your attributes increase based on your class. You do not assign points.

You equip'd items affect your attributes

SO that is the info about the game .. the fun part.

XP/Experince - First off when anyone kills a monster every player in the (20x20 range) gets the XP as well. Its not Shared or split, if a monster kill is 2xp everyone in that range gets 2 xp. Now the level cap is 20.. that might seem low but there are two ways to look at it. It does not take long to level to 20 solo. Depending on the person 30-60 minutes .. with no deaths.

Shit DEATH big part of the game .. when you die .. you DIE! GAME OVER!
You loose anything you were carrying. when you go back to the start screen that character slot will be empty!

This really adds to the fun, because sure leveling to 20 and killing low level mobs will eventually get you to 20, but where is the fun? there are lots of "mini boss" mobs to try and kill and they are usually in packs!

So the way the game works is you can play solo, go grind levels and find gear .. YAWN! or you can group up with people and have a blast!

The next topic to explain is TELEPORT.. everyone can teleport. you can click on players on the map/mini-map or even the arrows saying a play is just over there. you can also use the /teleport <username> command as well. There is like a 10 second cool down, but thats it!

So you are playing away, maybe solo or leveling up with a Pickup group and then all of a sudden you see the screen shake and everything goes a little blurry .. EVERYONE in that realm is transport to the GOD dungeon for that Realm. everyone! level 1 to 20, everyone playing. FUN shit!

Each "Server" has some different realms where they hold 85 users. Each realm has a name like Sprite or Cyclops or Ogre. In that realm that monster is the BOSS, when a server has defeated all the realm mini bosses everyone gets teleported to the BOSS Lair to try and kill it. again very fun!

Also it is very fun if you like exploring as well, not minecraft exploring but can be fun. It is also fun at like level 10ish when you run around in to packs of mobs and kill a ton of low level mobs!

Lastly, its PVE only .. sorry no player to player damage.

Its not meant to be a really really deep game, just fun ... personally i would love this on my ipad!

Its a free game and definitely worth a try.

Here are some tips.

Its ok to shadow someone and follow them around, if you are a priest follow a wizard or warrior .. help kill and heal! If you are a DPS class, follow other people. Just do not hog ALL the health pots that drop!

People will shout shit like TRAIN here or XP Train .. its not a trainer or for skills it means a big group of people gather up and generally follow the roads and try and power level, this is fun too. but I would not follow a train until you get a feel of the game, its not the best way to get familiar with the game and its workings. Later when you want to unlock other classes or get to 20 and do "RAIDS" trains can be the fastest way to level.

TRAINS out of context might seem like cheating, but you can EASILY DIE and i died a lot at the beginning!

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