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Old 04-25-2012, 06:19 PM
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Default WindowsXP 32 & 64bit dual boot questions

My buddy just give me a PC w/ a faster dual core dual CPU, 4 gigs of faster RAM and a 500G HD so that we can game online together. My working PC has run out of HD space and only has a gig of RAM. Here's the thing.... he loaded (and gave me the cd for) WinXP 64 bit to make best use of all the RAM and 64bit processing... but, I connect to the net via shared Wifi network in the house and the wifi (pci card and a USB wifi) drivers arent recognizing the devices in the 64bit system.
Well.. not sure if one driver install exe isnt recognized because it was never able to actually execute. This is one of the reasons I stopped trying to build systems a decade ago.. I dont have the patience. I ran the .exe to install network adapter and it said "need newer version of .NET Framework.. would you like to go online to get newest version?"... OF COURSE I want to go online.. thats why I'm trying to install a network adapter driver!!!!!
SO.. PC w/ 64bit XP installed but no access to internet for fixes and drivers due to no 64 bit drivers for my net hardware.
Ok.. Here are my questions to try and save time and wasteful configuring if it wouldnt work.
Will it work if I create a new partition on the HD and install a 32bit XP (where I can get online and get updates and driver support) as a dual boot even tho 64bit version was there 1st... I've always heard to install the earliest version 1st... should I wipe the drive, install 32bit, then install 64 bit?
I'm thinking I'd still have net adapter fail if booted into 64 bit right? or is there a way to run a device driver in a "32bit compatability mode" while still using 64 bit for RAM CPU etc?
Is just goingto XP 32 bit and forgettitng about 64 bit a better choice? I'm not all that involved in the 64bit access stuff... but my buddy put time into things... and I'd feel bad just scrapping what he tried doing for me and just going 32 bit (Iguess I could and just lie to him that its running 64, but thats kinda lame).
Any windows 32bit and 64bit dual boot experiences appreciated.

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Old 04-25-2012, 09:47 PM
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Dual booting should work regardless of OS as long as the boot manager is compatible with both.

But why not just temporarily connect the system by a Ethernet cable and then switch to the WiFi once you got the proper drivers installed?

Doesn't your shared source have a Ethernet connector?

Btw, they have WiFi to Ethernet devices. I use one to connect my Blu Ray player that only has a Ethernet connector to my WiFi network. Once set up for your WiFi, you can just connect it to any device with working Ethernet without installing any drivers.
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