Can the Nokia 3310 Stop .50 cal Armor Piercing Rounds?

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Can the Nokia 3310 Stop .50 cal Armor Piercing Rounds?

This episode of Tech Assassin the Nokia 3310 goes up against the M82A1 with Armor Piercing rounds.

Go show these guys some love for sending me the Nokias! I know they didn't expect me to go on such a long rant about their service but if I'm excited about something generally, you guys get excited too! Having pay as you go WiFi is HUGE for me! Sometimes my internet goes out at home and I have to use my mifi for backup and when I'm not traveling or using it I hate paying that huge monthly fee... Anyways.. Check it out and they'll give RatedRR viewers $25 off your first month of service or off your device. We all win!!! Ps. I still have a few left over so tell me in the comments below how you'd like to see them destroyed.. C4, flamethrower, 22 lr and so on...

Can the Nokia 3310 stop .50 cal Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer rounds?

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