Tip a Day - Free Up Space in Gmail

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Tip a Day - Free Up Space in Gmail

A few huge emails can rapidly overtake your inbox. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn't give us a way to filter email by size but a new service appropriately titled Find Big Mail does.

Find Big Mail is a freemium service and does have a free trial. I paid $4.95 for the single account but it was worth every bit. You can find them at findbigmail.com.

Run the service on your Gmail account of choice and get a nice report, via email, that tells you how many emails you have by size broken down as follows:

-10MB and larger
-5 - 10 MB
-1 - 5 MB

The report will even include links that allow you to filter through those messages and start eliminating at will.

For full details, check out geekbeat.tv/tip16