How To Create Secure Passwords

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How To Create Secure Passwords

If someone wanted to hack your Facebook, bank or other account how hard would it be to guess your password? If you use the simplistic passwords that many (maybe even most) do it wouldn't be too hard.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your data, among other things, safe and keep a hacked account from happening to you.

-Start by using a "pass phrase" which willfunctionlike your password but it's a compound of two or more words making it more complex by nature.

-Mix up your new "pass phrase" with special characters and numbers when you can (some places don't allow special characters).

-Mix the case of characters, to a computer a capital "A" and a lower case "a" aren't the same thing so swap em' out!

-Shoot for a passphrase that is 12 - 15 characters.

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