Tip a Day - How To Install a Toilet

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Tip a Day - How To Install a Toilet

There's a whole world of amazing toilets out there, but most people are stuck with hopelessly old tech in that category. Don't let fear of changing out a toilet keep you using something sub-standard. It's easy, and I'm going to show you how.

Removal Tip: When you're taking out the old toilet, make sure you use a dolly to make removal easier, and wrap it in a giant 55-gallon garbage bag to keep it from spilling water everywhere.v

Now you're ready to install:

Step 1. Lay out all the pieces and hardware.

Step 2. Attach the gasket and bolts to the opening in the floor, then lower the toilet onto them. Secure with the included plastic nuts, but only get them hand-tight.

Step 3. Put the seal on the bottom of the tank. Then put the rubber grommets through the bolt holes in the bottom of the tank, then run the bolts through them.

Step 4. Put the tank in place and secure with washers and the special bolts included for this step.

Step 5. Put the toilet lid in place, securing with bolts on the back.

Step 6. Connect the water line.

Step 7. Test the flush - it might take a couple of tries before the water flow is completely primed.

That's it, and you are ready to enjoy all that toilet technology the 21st century has to offer!

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