Tip a Day - How to Store Coffee

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Tip a Day - How to Store Coffee

The proper storing of coffee is something most of us just do wrong. But thanks to a few coffee junkie friends, I've found out how to keep coffee fresh for a long time and it all starts with the beans!

Storing Raw Beans
If you're into roasting keep the beans in their raw state until you're ready to roast them, grind them and drink them!

Keeping them in a cool dark location in the bag or in an air tight container is idea.

Storing Roasted Beans
If you buy pre-roasted beans, as most of us do, then keep them in an air-tight container. I prefer glass or ceramic which seals completely. Don't grind the beans until you're ready to make coffee.

You can find a good coffee grinder in your local store or online for $15 - $20.

Beans will stay fresh in this state for about two weeks if properly stored.

Ground Coffee
While ground coffee is the most convenient it's not going to be as fresh as grinding your own. I never buy ground coffee for this reason. If you choose to buy ground coffee then keep it sealed and don't keep it around too long. Freshness starts to decline in a matter of hours to a couple days depending on how it's stored.

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