CEDIA 2011: Holland Electronics


CEDIA 2011: Holland Electronics

Holland Electronics provides a variety of tools and components to make home entertainment installations easier.

Point of Entry Filters
You want to keep what you're watching private, right? These filters make sure your signal doesn't leak out and let the neighbors know what you're watching.

Cable Connectors
The connectors from Holland Electronics are adaptable to a wide range of types and install on the cables just by pushing on and crimping.

Cable Install Tool
Most people know how hard it can be to tighten a coax connection in a tight space. This tool makes it easy!

Digital Modulator This box lets you put all sorts of input, like from DVD players or security systems, on a specific channel on your TV.

Inspection Camera
Installers use these cable-mounted cameras to look behind walls and in other tight spaces to plan and execute their work.