CES 2012 - Sharp Displays


CES 2012 - Sharp Displays

Sharp has OODLES of new displays!

80" TV

First up is an 80" TV that's equivalent to nine 32" TVs. These are made in Sharp's newest, most modern facility and features smart central apps and a remote support feature that lets customer support remotely control the set if something goes wrong. It's a 3D set and will be available in April.

80" Aquos Board

Next is another 80" display; the Aquos Board is a touchscreen intended to wipe out whiteboards from boardrooms! It'll connect to a PC and is designed for video conferencing over Skype, GoToMeeting and WebEx.

Aquos Freestyle

The Aquos Freestyle line is a series of LCD displays. They're little smaller, coming in 20", 32", 40" and 60" versions. The 20" version weighs only 5.5 lbs.! They're incredibly light which makes them surprisingly mobile for their size, and are battery-operated and offer wireless connectivity. No cable mess with these, but also no ETA, unfortunately.

New 85" 8K Panel

Yes, that's right; with this display, Sharp is skipping 4K entirely and jumping right to 8K. That's 32 million pixels on the screen, and equivalent to 16 standard high-definition displays! And you thought finding content for 4K was tough.