CES 2013 - Samsung


CES 2013 - Samsung

Samsung did their very best to steal all the spotlights at CES this year. Here are some of our favorite highlights.

Samsung 2.5-inch 840 Series SSD
Available in 120, 250 and a whopping 500GB capacities for surprisingly low prices, there's really no excuse not to have a solid state drive these days.

Samsung Smart Cameras

The NX300 is internet-enabled and can back up images directly to your computer and upload automatically to Facebook, connect to your phone or tablet and use them as remote controls for the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera
The Samsung Galaxy camera is an Android Jelly Bean-based point & shoot smart camera.

Samsung DV150F
The DV150F has a front-facing screen for perfect self-portraits. At $149, it's the most affordable smart camera in their lineup.


Samsung has a new external monitor with touch-enabled screen that can be attached to any machine with Windows 8.

Series 7 Chronos Ultrabooks
With the Series 7 Chronos line, Samsung is looking to bring a desktop-like experience to the ultrabook market.

HW-F750 Vacuum Tube Soundbar
Samsung introduced the HW-F750 soundbar with vacuum tube and digital amp. It is coming in the spring.


8000 Series
The F8000 46", 55", 60", 65" and 75" LED TV has a quad-core processor and a camera with motion control.

Samsung Smart Evolution Kit
2012 TVs have an expansion port called the Evolution Kit for quick and easy upgrades to the hardware and software of the set. The 2012 can be upgraded to a 2013 feature set with this plugin kit, and then the next year be upgraded with another one to the 2014 features. This allows faster rollout of new features and technology without requiring you to buy a new screen every year.

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