Tylt Keeps Your Devices Charged On The Go! CES 2013


Tylt Keeps Your Devices Charged On The Go! CES 2013

Tylt has a whole array of stylish power products to keep you charged up on the go!

Product Name: Tylt Band Car Charger

Company: Tylt

Features: Universal USB ports, charge multiple devices at once, a variety of charging connectors including Apple 30-pin and micro-USB, flat-ribbon cables for easy cable management

Product Name: Tylt Powerplant Portable Battery Pack

Company: Tylt

Features: Fully charge a typical smartphone twice, holds a charge for over a year

Product Name: Tylt Tunz Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Company: Tylt

Features: Listen to tunes on the go wirelessly

Product Name: Vu Wireless Charger

Company: Tylt

Features: Holds your phone at an angle while it charges so you can see the screen, charges as fast as a plug-in charger

Price: $70

Product Name: Tagz NFC

Company: Tylt

Features: NFC stickers can be placed anywhere, and when an NFC device like your phone is placed within range, they can activate your phone, apps, profiles or more

Price: $20 for a pack of 6

Availability: February 2013

Product Name: Energi Backpack

Company: Tylt

Features: 10,500 miliamp battery for charging devices

Price: available for presale for $199

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