IFA 2011: Ford's Concept Car - The Evos

The personal technology that we use everyday is going to become an ever-larger part of our driving experience, as seen in the Ford Evos concept car.

Introducing the Evos Ford has a new concept car, the Evos, but as different from many concepts, you can expect to see elements from this in a soon-to-be announced car in about four months. Technology of the Evos Paul Mascarenas, CTO of Ford Research and Innovation, tells us some of what it means to have a cloud-connected car. This car learns the preferences of the driver, and tailors the experience for them. Evos Design Factors J. Mays, VP of Global Design for Ford, shares some looks ahead and hints at what we can expect in Ford's upcoming designs. One thing to look for - smaller headlamps that get the job done. Sponsored by ANHosting Want simple and affordable hosting of your web endeavors? ANHosting has been doing that since 2001, and if you use this link you'll get your first three months free!