Streaming Media Shootout: Find Out Which System Is Your Best Choice!


Streaming Media Shootout: Find Out Which System Is Your Best Choice!

There are a bunch of ways to bring streaming media straight to your TV including Google TV, Yahoo Connected TV, Boxee, Roku, Apple TV & Game System Networks - but what's your best option?

-Google TV

Google TV is the search giant's move in the streaming market, but as of yet they haven't made much impact, with expensive systems and a small user base.

-Yahoo Connected TV

Yahoo has seen its Connected TV platform baked into more than eight million TVs, but only a million of those owners are using the service each month.


Boxee's doing a bit better, with more than two million users! Although most are using the old Boxee app rather than the Boxee Box.


Roku has sold over 3 million streaming boxes, and they feature content from Disney, HBO, Major League Baseball and the NBA.

-Apple TV

The most successful pure streaming box out there is the Apple TV, with 6 million units sold worldwide. Of course, this is small potatoes compared to sales numbers for Apple's other products.

-Game System Networks

Both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network have far more users than Apple TV, with 40 million and 90 million, respectively.

-Apple TV Verus Roku

Out of all these options, the leaders in pure streaming boxes are Apple TV and Roku. Choosing which is best for you may depend on whether you are heavily invested in iTunes as a media source, or if you are swayed by features offered by Roku, but not Apple.