Viewsonic Unveils Dual-Sim Phone for Android


Viewsonic Unveils Dual-Sim Phone for Android

Want two phone numbers on one phone? Viewesonic's new phone has you covered with the new V350

A first look at the new Viewsonic V350 dual sim Android phone from iFA 2011 in Berlin.


The V350 with dual SIM capability from ViewSonic offers a world of choice. Allowing two SIM cards to be simultaneously used, the V350 is a lightweight phone running Android 2.2. Incorporating all the technology you would expect from the latest phone devices, such as 5MP camera, B/G wireless support and a bright clear 3.5" screen, the V350 has the added feature of allowing the phone to operate with two SIM cards. Business users can keep business and personal calls and data separate. International travelers can keep their current number, but buy a local SIM card for localized data provision, saving on expensive international roaming charges. The V350 really does offer a choice.

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