George W. Bush

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  • What will Obama do after his presidency?

    Obama was offered a job by Spotify.


  • Is You Classy?

    A lot of people are wondering just how classy America is, let's find out!


  • Pour Champagne On Yourself For Kim Kardashian

    People have started taking photos of the themselves pouring champagne on themselves for sweet, sweet irony.


  • Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pix Leaked & Other Celeb Hacks

    In this episode we cover some famous hacks, including a recent notorious event that left everyone stunned.


  • 9 Secret Bushes

    Everyone has heard of George W Bush, but who are Obediah Newcome Bush? Prescott Bush? Jeb Bush? Anyhoo, much like the 70s, this episode has a lot of Bush.


  • The Curse That Killed 7 Presidents

    As if being the President weren't a hard enough job already.


  • Someone Stole $350k Worth Of Human Skin

    You could make a lot of wallets with all that skin. Not that we'd know.