Jim Greer, Kongregate and Jameson Hsu, Mochi Media, monetizing casual games?

Can casual game developers earn enough cash to stick it to the man? Jim and Jameson discuss how their start-ups help casual game developers thrive through advertising and analytics.

If you're looking for a time killer, most of you tend to play casual games online. It is the fast-growing segment that accounts for about 10% of the $30 billion global video game industry.

But seriously, can casual gaming developers monetize on the online popularity?

Meet this week's start-ups, Jim, founder of Kongregate, a company that deems themselves as the YouTube of casual games and Jameson, founder of Mochi Media, a company that provides the essential tools for casual game developers to track and embed advertising. "With games... the repeat interaction is what's driving the advertisers interest." says Jameson.

Casual games is a niche market but may provide the essential revenue to retire in style. Game on!