Interview: Sun's Savior and CEO Jonathan Schwartz, GigaOm Hiatus

This week meet Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President of Sun Microsystems. Learn how he helped the company earn $3.615 billion in revenue for the 08' fiscal Q2. Plus, Om and Joyce say farewell to season one. The GigaOM show will be taking a brief hiatus.

Om's back and ready to celebrate the last episode of the season. In this episode, we're going out with a bang. Not only do we have Jonathan Schwartz, President and CEO of Sun Microsystems, but we're including an amazing GigaOm montage to close out the show.

With the power to harness $3.615 billion in revenue for the 08' fiscal Q2, Jonathan Schwartz is sitting in a comfortable position as President and CEO of Sun Microsystems. In addition to capitalizing on the open source movement ( Java , NetBeans , Open Office, Solaris , ZFS) the company has been able to regain investor confidence throughout the past financial quarters. With the recent acquisition of MySQL (for about $1 billion), Sun has upped the ante within the open source movement. Surely, the investment will make competitors cringe and rethink their own strategy. But is "open source" the future of the company?

Schwartz states, "Our business model is quite simple... build the broadest developer community in the world and if you do, they'll field demand for data centers."