Om's Return and Brightcove Video

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Om's Return and Brightcove Video

This week, Om makes a cameo appearance and gives an update on his latest work life status. Plus, meet Jeremy Allaire, Founder and CEO of Brightcove, an online video distribution company defying the limits of traditional media.

Long ago, traditional media companies loathed the idea of delivering their video content on the Internet. Many companies were stuck in the traditional distribution model and did not understand how to monetize, launch, or distribute in the new digital era.

"Media companies want to control their own destiny. In terms of how they want to publish and distribute their own content, and how they sell advertising.... It is in essence, what a media company is," Jeremy Allaire, Founder and CEO of Brightcove.

Fast forward to the present day where online video adaption is essential for publishers striving to deliver media content in the digital world. Allaire, the former CTO of Macromedia , felt that he understood the online video landscape and founded Brightcove, which empowers content owners to deploy and enrich their sites with on demand Internet video. In early 2007, Brightcove raised $59.5 million in Series C financing. Not too shabby for a company looking to build out a global business, expand on research and development, or weathering through the dot com storm.

Allaire states, "Online video in general... is really a global phenomenon... We've also seen a real acceleration with smaller publishers... It's not just media businesses, it's government agencies, corporations, educations."