Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia and Wikia

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Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia and Wikia

He founded Wikipedia and Wikia... is Jimmy Wales about to launch a Facebook killer? Om and Joyce get the scoop. Plus, how real are the rumors around Google's gDrive?

Meet Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia with over two million online articles, and Wikia.

When asked how Jimmy Wales got started, he refers back to the years studying game theory in graduate school. "The questions on how people interact and how social rules can impact the community. That kind of thinking has always informed my thinking about designing social spaces online."

Wales believes simplicity is key to building an intuitive social network website. Which is why sites like Wikipedia and Facebook work so well in the social community.

With a recent Wikia-Facebook like screenshot making its way through the web, will Wikia become like Facebook? No. Wales explains that they are working on an open source free license search engine that could launch in December.


Gdrive? Is Google launching an online storage space? The WSJ reports that Google could be ready to release a free and paid online storage service to its endusers. For the record, Om is a big fan of Box.net, a company that provides online storage that will most likely be similar to Google's anticipated Gdrive. Om and Joyce believe Google's online storage service is apart of their grand goal of Cloud Computing.

Verizon Wireless opens its doors to developers? This week, Verizon Wireless announced that they would allow developers to create software for their nationwide wireless network.

Om says, "In theory, its a pretty good idea."

This is probably a PR ploy due to Verizon's possible bid for the FCC's 700 mhz spectrum. Could Google have inspired Verizon to open up it's wireless development platform?