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Google's Marissa Mayer

Do you use Google? You'll want to watch Google's VP of Search Products, Marissa Mayer, talk about acquiring tech startups vs. developing tech in house, Google's APIs and, of course, the GPhone.

If you use Google, then Marissa Mayer impacts your life every day. As the Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, she runs Google's search products: web search, images, groups, news, the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, Google Labs... it's a pretty serious list.

Marissa chats with Om and Joyce about what she's most excited about at Google, taking maps, to the next level, the APIs, and privacy...

... along with Google's strategy in acquiring technology startups (or, why YouTube was worth 1.67B), and why Google chooses to acquire something vs developing it in-house.

She says innovation in niche areas, such as vertical search, often comes from highly focused technology startups, where Google focuses on a platform for broad search.

Of course, Om and Joyce try to get the latest info on the gPhone!

A lot of viewers wrote in about the interview with Microsoft's Dan'l Lewin in Episode 11.

Phxfan writes, "I was pumped about seeing you two interview an MS guy ... It seemed like the guy walked into an ambush... I'm sure you all know that much of your audience would love to see MS get hammered.... but this was unprofessional IMO."

On the flip side, Scienceking says, "Nice that the GigaOm Show can get into candid interviews with execs from even the giants of Silicon Valley" then asks "why is this like the most dead forum on Rev3? It's almost as if the people who watch this show might have a life!"

It's ok to spend time in the GigaOM Show forums even if you do have a life. Log in and join in the discussion!

On the Hitlines:

3) Google plans to syndicate YouTube Vids through AdSense. Google says "select YouTube content partners including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Mondo Media, lonelygirl15, Extreme Elements, and Ford Models" will supply video content. Google will provide ads (banners or overlays) and share revenue with the creators.

2) Cnet reports that Sprint Nextel CEO Gary Forsee, was Forced Out in the wake of poor performance at the company.

1) Google's stock price passed $600 per share on October 8th. Om asks, "How High Can It Go? ...$750, $1,000 or (shudder) $2,000 a share?"