John Lilly, the new CEO of Mozilla

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John Lilly, the new CEO of Mozilla

This week meet John Lilly, the new CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Find out what the organization has in store for 2008 and if they will file for IPO.

"The web is the essential innovation of our time. It changes everything."says John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla Corporation.

With it's success, John Lilly, the former COO and new CEO of Mozilla Corporation is focused on releasing good products that support the organization's mission - to pr

omote choice and innovation on the Internet.

The Mozilla Foundation was founded as a nonprofit organization in July 2003, with approximately $3 million in funding. Mozilla generates most of its revenue from the Google search box that comes as a default on every Firefox browser. In 2006, the organization earned a mere $66.8 million (USD) in revenues. Today, the company that has approximately 140 million active Firefox users and has over 40 languages available for it's web browser; IE7 launched in only one language.

Will the company go public? Lilly replies, "Predicting ten years ahead is hard. But, we don't think going public is in the best interest of our mission."


1 - Microsoft makes hostile bid for Yahoo!:

On some level, if the takeover proceeds, small start-ups maybe able to reap the benefits ex-Yahoo employees. Another important key issue is integration - How long will it take Microsoft and Yahoo? Again, end-users will most likely be effected during the transition.

2 - MySpace opens developer platform

Finally, MySpace opens up. Programmers can finally get their hands dirty. But... will this help MySpace? Liz Gannes says, "They have a very larger user base and they drive a tone of traffic... How well will the platform work? MySpace historically has not been very good on technology. They're good at reaching the mainstream user