Forget Twitter: creates online video converations

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Forget Twitter: creates online video converations has been described as the video version of Twitter. Loic Le Meur, fouder and CEO of Seesmic, joins us to discuss whether online video conversation will be the next big thing.

With a successful history of flipping four Internet startup companies and racking millions, Loic Le Meur is working on unveiling his newest startup, Seesmic . The company is currently in alpha.

Typically, Seesmic's video conversation cover a wide range of topics - everything from Benazir Bhutto's assassination to an U. S. soldier in Iraq connecting with Seesmic members. The company does not have a high overhead cost. In part, server bandwidth are subsided due to the low quality of direct video recordings via webcam. Unlike most online video sites that rely on a video upload model, Seesmic provides an online built-in user interface that enables participates to record their personal video note directly to Seesmic's servers. This could be the future of conversation over the web.

Le Meur says with passion, "Why is conversation so big on TV... and why should it not exist on the web?"


Joyce is back this week with a couple of buzzing startups from Korea.

1 -

TNC is an open source blogging platform which is very similar to Wordpress in its service offerings. TNC's original hosted version,, was the only new startup site on Korea's top ten website list last year - which is a major accomplishment given the monopoly that the large Korean web companies like Naver and Daum exert on the web market.

1 - Olaworks:

Olaworks is a facial recognition system that works for both photos and videos. It is similar to both Riya and which demoed at TechCrunch40, but their facial recognition engine works on both video and photos. They have already completed their Series A funding by Intel Capital and Skylake(a Korean VC fund). I expect to see them coming to the US market very soon.