Heidi Roizen: From VC To SkinnySongs Writer And Record Producer

Can a VC maven help you lose weight? Heidi Roizen is betting she can with SkinnySongs.com, an album of songs about weight loss that aren't corny, and a website that works outside of the music industry.

This episode is hosted by Joyce Kim and guest-host Liz Gannes; Om Malik has suffered a heart attack and will be taking some time off to heal.

Heidi Roizen's latest venture is very timely in light of Om's heart attack: the cigars, fine foods and lack of exercise have taken their toll.

Heidi's made a 180 career shift, from tech VC, to songwriter and producer of an album called "Skinny Songs" designed to provide people with motivation to lose weight and get in shape.

Her VC roots are showing, tho, she produced the album outside the music industry... 'cause that's the best way to make money off of your own music.

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