Tim Westergren, Pandora, Is Internet Radio Dead?

"The day that an MP3 player is always connected [to the internet] is the day when broadcast radio vanishes" says Pandora.com's Tim Westergen, a leader in the fight to save Internet Radio.

"The day that an MP3 player is always connected is the day when broadcast radio vanishes" says Tim Westergen, a co-founder of Pandora.com.

Pandora is an "automated music recommendation and Internet radio service" created by the "The Music Genome Project".

Music Genome? Tim explains how the process works... think using over 400 attributes to describe songs, and an algorithm to parse them and pick a song you'll like.

Nice concept, but will Internet radio survive the next year? Tim explains the latest happenings with the U.S Copyright Royalty Board's recent royalty fee hike that could kill off Internet radio.

The big question: Are the performance royalty rates fair across the board for terrestrial, satellite, and Internet radio? It seems like terrestrial radio is getting a serious advantage.


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