Drop Test: 3DS XL + Giveaways!

We drop test the 3DS XL three times from 4' in today's episode! Check it out!

We couldn't wait to get our hands on the 3DS XL only for it to slip out of them a few days later in our drop test. We dropped it three times from four feet high, once on the back, side and front.


1st Giveaway - The Nintendo 3DS XL survived! We will be giving this device away! All you have to do is answer the comment question of the day on the YouTube video page. Question is: what would you if you could not possibly fail?

2nd Giveaway - For a chance to win a Google Nexus 7, subscribe to TrendOY here: http://gizmoslip.trendoy.com Winner will be announced in a couple weeks!

3rd Giveaway - Brandon plays games! Join in on the fun, but more than that he'll help you be a better gamer. Subscribe to QuadronTV to potentially win a $30 GameStop giftcard.

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