Remy reunites with his beloved birthday hat. Fortunately there was music.

Here is a free lesson in fashion. A follow up to "Birthday Hat: The Rap," I had originally meant to make one of these every year. Hope you like it.


I wear a birthday hat mother mother!
That's right a birthday hat brother brother!

Well I go through the door and I know what you think--
"Who's the big nose with the cone and the string?"
Well my name is Remy, let me make a point then stop
don't be messing with a hat that's got a pointy top

Flipping through GQ but the dearth is whack--
how can I be the only G with a birthday hat?
Don't need no fancy fedora made of leather or sable
Don't but nothing on my head not held together with staples

Birthday hats are amazing, birthday hats are so sheik
Birthday hats are the reason I come here 5 times a week
Yo shrink, what you think? is this working, man?
"You have issues"--I think you meant to say BIRTHDAY HAT!


When I'm near Chris Brown, I'm rocking one just it in case
I can wear it like this to block a punch to the face
Even gives me the power to shower and never quit
got a Made in China sticker, so you know it's legit

Some people wear scarves, some people wear ties
but there's only one way that I accessorize
and that's a birthday hat, every day of the week
"But WHY a birthday hat?"