I'm Yours (Arranged Marriage Version)

How do love songs work with arranged marriages? Remy (and Habib) find out.

We all know what love songs sound like in American culture...but what would an arranged marriage love song sound like? Habib shows us with this parody.


My parents and your parents been a-talking
I see them in the village and a-walking
Heard part of what they said
They're working on an exchange

And I know you and I have never dated
And even though we kind of are related
it seems my father sold
me to you for some goats

So I can't hesitate no more, no more
it's been arranged--I'm yours.

Will it be a fairy tale wedding night?
Or is it more like shove at first sight?
Either way it seems that, girl, we're
Friends with socioeconomic benefits

Try to get to know you, have a chat
what's your favorite book? Do you like cats?
Make a list of all the things we have in common. Ooh...

Well I don't think that this will work, oh no.
I made kabob.
I'm yours.

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