Extract Windows Executables from Packet Captures, PHP Gmail Badges, Winning the Easter Egg Hunt, and special guest Eighty of DualCore

Eighty of Dual Core comes down to the HakHouse to share with us a technique for extracting Windows executables from packet captures. Darren's featuring some of the Gmail badge submissions and a walkthrough of the Easter Egg hunt. Plus be sure to stick around as Eighty treats us to a live performance off his upcoming album.

While Matt's away on business Eighty of Dual Core fills in with an awesome segment on extracting Windows executables from packet captures using tcpxtract.

Darren's features some of the Gmail Badges from our recent Code Challenge.

Plus we've got a walk-through on winning the Easter Egg Hunt. Only *four* of over 300 submissions completed the puzzle. We've learned a bunch of lessons from this first hunt and will be sure to put together an even more in-depth hunt next time.