HappyHakoween: Password Cracking Clusters, Remote Control Services, Wireshark Packet Filtering

Matt shows us how to turn anything into a service and provide a web frontend to manage them windows server, great for game server administration. Chris Gerling wraps up his three part series on Packet Sniffing with Wireshark techniques for packet filtering. Darren harnesses the CPU power of the HakHouse for good or evil to demonstrate cluster computing. Plus details on our Hak5 Halloween LAN Party!

Matt Lestock turns any windows application into a service using instsrv and srvany and demonstrates how we use this technique, coupled with Panel Daemon to delegate game server administration at the Hak5 playground.

Chris Gerling shows us some packet filtering techniques using the network analyzer Wireshark. He covers capture filters, display filters, colors and statistics. Read more on packet sniffing on his blog at ChrisGerling.com

Darren Kitchen talks about parallel computing. He touches on grid computing and massively parallel processors though he mainly focuses on clustering. Darren demonstrates simple windows password cracking techniques using an openMosix based image and discusses the theory behind setup. Darren has a lot of further reading for you to check out on his blog and would like to hear your feedback about building the Hak5 beowulf cluster!

And on a production note: We've switched over from a standard-def composite based video mixing solution to a high-def HDMI based system. Unfortunately until we get a Mac Pro and switch to Final Cut Pro for editing we're unable to release a 720p version of Hak5. But we're well on our way to bringing you guys truly high def technolust thanks to everyone who has continued to support this cause. Thanks!