Break through the university firewall Internet Redirection, Hide data in photos with Steganography and answers to your Virtualization questions!

Want to bypass those nasty restrictions imposed by your corporate or university firewalls? Darren has just the trick with Internet Redirection. Ever wanted to hide secret data inside a photo? Shannon's show us a neat steganography app. Plus Matt answers your virtualization questions!

Corporate and university firewalls can be a particular PITA -- especially if you're a gamer. And while SSH tunneling (even over DNS)or VPN technologies are often preferred, it is quite possible to "bounce" your traffic off an Internet Redirection server. Like a fancy proxy, rinetd allows you to specify incoming and outgoing IP and port. It features basic client access rules based on IP and even supports logging. In my segment I demonstrate accepting traffic on port 80 and transmitting it to an IRC server on port 6667.

Granted this isn't going to fool your more complex firewalls that actually inspect packets -- but if you're just looking to get traffic through an open port I highly recommend giving rinetd a try.