WiFi Packet Sniffing on Android and Ubuntu Backups


WiFi Packet Sniffing on Android and Ubuntu Backups

This time on the show, packet captures on Android - Mike Kershaw, aka Drag0rn, joins us to talk about his rootless Android pcap app. Then, backing up Ubuntu the easy way. Plus, apt tips, sudo aliases and the return of blackbuntu? All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Android PCAP Capture

Android PCAP Capture is a utility for capturing raw 802.11 frames ("Monitor mode", or sometimes referred to as "Promiscuous mode"). The resulting Pcap files can be viewed on a computer using Eye P.A., Wireshark, Tcpdump and similar tools, or online using CloudShark.

Android PCAP works with Android phones running version 4 (ICS) or higher and Wi-Fi cards that use the RTL 8187 chipset.

Android PCAP Capture

Back Up Your Ubuntu Machine

One of the most important tasks, backing up your machine, can be a pain if you don't know what to use or what would work best for your needs. Ask yourself what kind of backup do you need? Full or incremental? Where should you back up to? Local or cloud? When should you back up? Every day or every week, etc? Should you automate the process? Backing up your Ubuntu Machine has now been made easy with a built in tool called Deja Dup. Available for Ubuntu 11.10 and higher.


beardy_jesse says: I noticed when Darren was installing stuff like python-usb and rfcat a couple of episodes ago that when the "are you sure [Y,n]" option appeared he typed "Y" to continue. While this is sensible, the capitalised item in the brackets is the one that linux assumes you want, and will be performed simply by pressing enter. So instead of wasting a good half second reaching for the shift and another half second pressing 'y' you can plough through that option just by hitting enter.

Chris R writes: Have you ever considered aliasing Sudo to Please? Just food for thought.

John says: Blackbuntu is somewhat alive on SourceForge: sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu It's last update was 8.4.2011, but the page is still there. Thanks for your awesome podcast!!!! Love it!!! You are Darren get along so well, though I bet you get along with everyone anyway!