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Detecting ARP Cache Poison Attacks in Windows and Linux, programming an Android live wallpaper in a matter of minutes and delving into Haiku, the successor to the beloved BeOS. Plus, unlocking files in Windows, HDMI capture cards, hacker cookbooks and how to properly eat Vegemite. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Hacker Headlines

Pastebin is getting a lot of hacker love this week. A duo of Romanian grey-hats, TinKode and Ne0h of Slacker.ro claimed responsability for hacking MySQL.com...using an SQL injection attack. Oh the irony. The attack compromised MySQL.com usernames and password hashes -- which can be easily rainbow-tabled. Of the more interesting snippets we learned that the director of product management at WordPress, for example, used a four digit password on the site...4 of 'em.

NASA's computer network is seriously in need of some security upgrades! According to a recent audit, NASA has a bunch of security flaws that haven't even been touched for months. These security holes could lead to defacement, DOS attacks, and 'information stealing' attacks. Luckily though, since this has been out in the open, those flaws have been fixed. But have they really found all the issues? Looks like my chance to control the rockets has been lost.

Remember last week when Comodo was hacked, issuing unauthorized SSL certificates for Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and others? Comodo released an incident report that tracked the hack back to an Iranian IP. The company went on to allege that the sophisticated attack must have been "state-driven". Well, the alleged Comodo hacker has stepped forward explaining that he has no association with the "Iranian Cyber Army". He bragged about how simple it was to issue the bogus certificates after disassembling a Comodo's signing DLL and discovering a plaintext username and password. Ouch. The hacker went on to pastebin the source of trustDLL.dll... Yeah, time to rename that trust bit...

Sony is at it again! The company claims Mr. George Hotz seems to have sabotaged two hard drives he had to surrender to the court, then he skipped town and went to South America! But according to Hotz's lawyer, they just forgot to attach the controller cards for the drives. But he had nothing to say about Hotz's vacation... hmmm...

Our UAV is online! Or at least the SmartBird, a new herring gull inspired ultralight from the Festo Bionic Learning Network. Video of the bird shows near lifelike soaring, take-off and landing. Still no word on whether they can be equipped as a WiFi attack platform.

Detect man in the middle attacks, code an Android live wallpaper, what happened to BeOS and more!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

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