Reviewing Kali Linux and USB Rubber Ducky Payload Generator


Reviewing Kali Linux and USB Rubber Ducky Payload Generator

This time on the show, The King is dead, long live the King! We review BackTrack's successor Kali Linux. Then Human Interface Device attacks with ease - Darren check out the USB Rubber Ducky payload generator, then hacking at 55 miles per hour, we hear your ideas on Hack Across America. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Setting up the ultimate fast, portable, persistant and secure Linux installation.

Kali Linux

- Why do we have it?
- Backtracks history: Based on Debian GNU aimed at penetration testing and digital forensics.
- Merger of two competing distros called:
- 1) WHAX - Slax based OS, earlier versions called Whoppix, based on Knoppix.
- 2) Auditor Security Collection - Live CD based on Knoppix w/ organized 300 security tools for use.

- What is it?
- Built by Offensive Security, makers of BackTrack. BackTrack redesign from ground up, w/ Debian Standards.
- It is the successor of Backtrack
- JUST released in March!
- Open source w/ 300 tools that work in Kali.
- Filesystem Heirarchy Standard compliant, so you can locate directories and binaries like normal.
- Claims "vast wireless support".
- Secure, reliant for penetration tests.
- ARM support for Rasp Pi, Samsung Chromebook, etc.
- Debian live-build scripts allow you to create custom Kali ISO's.

Download and Bootup
- I downloaded normal default ISO, and used UNetBootin to burn to flashdrive.
- Default PW is toor.
- Built in tools, directories, etc.

Support - Bug tracker on website, IRC channel / forums

A Tour of Kali Linux

Rubber Ducky Payload Generator

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