Build your own SAN, PSP Hacking, Net Grep


Build your own SAN, PSP Hacking, Net Grep

Jenn Cutter of Open Alpha fame joins us to talk about recent developments in PSP hacking and homebrew. Matt's got answers to your questions about rolling your own Storage Area Network for all your virtualization needs, and Darren's filtering packets in the console with ngrep.

While Shannon's on vacation our friend Jenn Cutter from Open Alpha joins us to talk about the recent developments in PSP hacking and homebrew.

The PSP homebrew scene has grown more interesting over the past little while since the user base has been sectioned off into different camps based on the particular unit they purchased and whatever firmware they are using. Thanks to the efforts of Team Typhoon, ChickHEN (homebrew enabler) permits owners of all models to run the unofficial apps and games they've grown to love without touching the flash of the PSP, so there's no worrying about turning it into a brick. No one likes expensive bricks. Keep in mind that ChickHEN is not a piracy tool so don't expect to run any type of backups though it. Davee has the lowdown on the latest release which can be downloaded here. If you are curious or sceptical, feel free to check out video proof that it works on PSP 3000s.

--Jenn Cutter

Matt answers your questions about storage area networks and recommends QNAP. If you're feeling hands on rolling your own is a great option too. Matt points out his favorite hardware like 3Ware RAID cards, Transcend IDE Flash Modules, and the Intel Storage Server SSR212MC2. Software wise it's worth investigating Freenas, and SAN Melody.

Continuing on with Eighty's segment on extracting windows executables from packet captures and Mubix's segment on network tap analizers, Darren's taking a look at the open source tool ngrep. If you're familiar with grep you'll be at home with this tool. Darren demonstrates using the tool to filter packets from a live capture using a Network Monkey. Alternatively it can be used with pcap files.

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