Get Free WiFi by tunneling through DNS and gaming optimized on Linux


Get Free WiFi by tunneling through DNS and gaming optimized on Linux

Tired of paying $9.95 an hour for WiFi at the airport? Can you resolve DNS? We head down to Mubix' lair and build a SSH SOCKS proxy over a DNS tunnel. Then we speak with Tyler McAdams from LinuxDNA about kernel optimizations and the future of gaming on Linux.

DNS Tunneling

The basic premise comes down to this: If you can connect to a wireless access point that has a captive portal running, constantly forwarding your web requests to a payment page, you can most likely bypass those restrictions if you can get name resolution.

Simply open a shell and ping your favorite website. It doesn't matter if you get ICMP packets back, what you're looking for is name resolution. If ping says "Pinging []" or similar you should be all set to tunnel your traffic over DNS

In order to get going you'll need a domain, or sub-domain, a set of Perl scripts called Ozyman, a server to run the ozyman and ssh daemons on, and a little luck

Full step by step instructions can be found at Mubix's wonderful blog o goodness at

Linux Gaming

In this episode we had the pleasure of having Tyler McAdams of Linux DNA on the show to talk about gaming on Linux and mad performance optimizations with ICC. Tyler was happy to announce that LinuxDNA is now working with Dream Linux for the ASUS eee PC.

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