Interview with Stina Ehrensvrd of Yubico and Necomimi the Brainwave Cat Ears

This time on the show, something happened to Darren... He's AWOL somewhere in Europe or France or Geneva, on ITU business. Also talking about Yubico with Stina Ehrensvärd and Cat Ears! All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Stina Interview

Neurosky Technology

- developed proprietary platforms that measure brainwaves and can be used with applications for gaming, meditation, education, and training. Accurately measures mental states like meditation and attention, different from actual thoughts. So it can sense that I'm calm but can sense that I'm thinking about my family while I'm calm.

Hardware - MindWave headsets - measure brainwaves, EEG spectrums, processes Neurosky sSense meter for attention and meditation, EEG/ECG signal quality (if you take off the headset). T

They have headsets with ear-clips and a sensor arm. The ear clip is the reference and ground electrodes, and the EEG electrode is in the arm. Takes batteries. OS - Can connect w/ bluetooth to pair w/ computer, iOS, or android. Some headsets come with USB-RF dongle.

- to develop, buy a MindWave headset and download the developer tools. Uses Visual Studio or C/C++. ThinkGear Connector software for Windows or OSX is the software that will detect and work with the headset. There has also been some work done through Linux as well.