Roll your own VMware ESXi Server and more


Roll your own VMware ESXi Server and more

Building your own VMware ESXi Server in under an hour with parts you may have lying under your bed. Extreme sports cameras and mounts and mounts can be expensive. Why not build your own for about 5 bucks. And light video editing that's both easy and free? Avidemux may be the answer.

Darren's on a mission to mount a digital video camera to his motorcycle. While commercial options such as the $300 Vholdr Contour HD and $150 Oregon Scientific AT3K are available, why not build your own universal camera mount for about 5 bucks.

Continuing with the theme of rolling your own, why not build your own ESX/ESXi compatible virtual machine host? Matt builds one that fits inside a gym bag and walks us through setting up ESXi in about 10 minutes (give or take a few progress bars).

Rounding out the nearly free and useful bits this episode, Shannon shows us an open source video editing application that may be perfect for your light video editing needs. Avidemux is a light weight editor perfect for simple video trimming, filtering and encoding. It sports some really nice automation and job queing features and comes with profiles pre-configured for common formats such as MP4 for iPod, PSP, or Apple TV.