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Someone let Darren at the power tools again! Forget the case window, his latest creation includes a set of shadow box photo frames modded into a computer case perfect for showing off that sexy hardware. Shannon has rounded up your picks for webcam motion detection and iOS jailbroken apps. Plus answers to your questions regarding multi-monitor PC setups and much more!

Hacker Headlines

Watch out Ruby and Django, you may not be the only scripting languages in town to sport your own web server. This week Moriyoshi Koizumi of PHP.net posted an RFC for a built-in web server in the PHP binary. While this wouldn't replace Apache as the web server of choice for major deployments, coders wanting to get a development environment up and running quickly would benefit from not having to write an HTTPD conf file.

Be careful what you download. 21 popular free apps in the market have been injected with root-kits and republished, AndroidPolice.com reports. "Guitar Solo Lite", for example, was republished as "Super Guitar Solo" with the added functionality of secretly publishing your IMEI and userID, among other data, to a server in Fremont. Google has pulled the publisher from the marketplace and used its remote kill switch on the apps, but that doesn't cover additional payloads which may have been downloaded from the 200,000-some zombie'd phones.

TorrentFreak reports that 70 percent of respondants to a Danish poll, say that they find piracy socially acceptable. 7 out of 10 said it's acceptable, about 20 percent saying it's completely acceptable, and 30 percent replied that it's completely NOT acceptable. Although most that took the poll said piracy is ok, they mostly agreed that selling those downloaded goods for profit are completely not ok. I'm a little surprised to see how so many people think it's alright.

Is Asus a fan of the Hak5 motherboard box case mods from weeks back? Possibly. The Taiwanese manufacturer showed off a concept shipping box that doubles as case for Mini-ATX motherboards. The box holds the motherboard and allows for additional components including hard disk and optical drives to be installed. I'll go ahead and predict wall-mounted computer cases from Thermaltake next.

Thanks Lifehacker for the shoutout on our recent motherboard box case mod. Insert In-Soviet-Russia joke here.

Last year a 40-year-old computer specialist hacked into an advertising server and made a large plasma screen off a highway in Moscow play 20 minutes of porn (video). He faces up to 5 years in jail. This week the man plead guilty, to hacking into an advertising server and having a large plasma screen in Moscow to play 20 minutes of porn.

Modding a photo frame into a computer case, your iPhone jailbroken picks, Multi-monitor PC setups and more

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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