Darren Visits Free Geek in Portland and More Bitlbee Advanced Tips


Darren Visits Free Geek in Portland and More Bitlbee Advanced Tips

This time on Hak5 Darren reports from Free Geek in Portland and Bitlbee Advanced tips, All that and more this time on Hak5!

Free Gekk Portland

Darren Kitchen talks with Darren Heiber, Director of Public Services at Free Geek while we get a nice tour of the Free Geek Portland facilities by Misty Fall Front Desk Associate.

Bitlbee Advanced Pt 2

You can also add encryption to a specified user with otr connect nick (which means off-the-record encryption). Encryption can be destablished or reestablished with: otr disconnect and otr reconnect.

type: otr smp *nickname* *secret* to authenticate a user's active fingerprint via SMP (socialist millionaires' protocol). To create a private otr key, use: otr keygen (account-no).

Always remember to: save

If a chat module ever wants you to say yes or no, just type yes 0, or no 0. This will answer the first known question, so type this to check all unanswered questions from root: qlist.

To delete your entire account, use: drop password

List all buddies in a readable listing: blist (all, offline, online, or away)

You can transfer files in bitlbee, but currently only two commands are available. transfer cancel 0 will cancel a transfer. help transfer reject will reject incoming file transfers.

You can create a channel to separate out all of your different ID's, by using the channels command. You can join &msn, which will automatically include all of your msn contacts into a new channel.

To have some fun with Away statuses, try these.

/away NA, Busy, DND, BRB, Phone, Lunch, Food, Invisible, Hidden. Most will show the extra info for all of your clients, or choose the most notable one. For MSN, /away Food = Out to Lunch.

If you want to start a groupchat with several people, first, start a chat with one person with: chat with Hak5Darren. Then use the IRC command /invite to invite others into the chatroom as well.

IF you get bored of your name use /nick. You'll need to use: register to register your new nick, or: identify -noload to re-identify yourself under the new nickname. -noload tells the command to verify you but not load new settings.

MSN smileys work in Bitlbee too! Such as: (K) for kiss, (8) for music, (^) for bday cake, etc.